Highly Effective Yoga Stretches For People With Chronic Back Pain


 My Personal  Back Pain Story


I’m Fey ,and I have an unusual Back Pain story To Share With You Today..

I want to share the stretches that helped Me Reduce The Pain In My Own Back, Not that Long Ago and how I was Finally Able To go Around Doing My Usual Day To Day Tasks Without Any Pain In My Back For The Fist Time In 10 Years.

How Did I Do It?

Well, A Lot Of What Really Worked For Me Is Stuff You Probably Wont come across Online And, I’m confident It Will Work For You Too.

I Want to Tell You My Story Because It’s Probably Very Similar To Your Own.

It Doesn’t Matter If You Have Pain In Your Lower , Middle or Upper Back .

Anyone Who Struggles With Any kind Of Pain In There Back Or Neck Will Relate To This I’m sure .

I Want to Do Much More for you Than Just Tell You A Story…

I Will Give You The Stretches I Discovered And Use To This Very Day…

Around my early 20ʹ′s I got my first real desk job

I worked in a Travel agents and spent 40+ hours a week sitting down in a chair staring at a computer screen Just about the time I learned the fun truth about sitting wrongly

And how its it’s the fastest way damage your back and make it hurt like hell Every single day .

I had previously never had any back problems in my life .I never had lower back pain, or shoulder issues, or any kind of neck pain, but suddenly I realized I was having these pains Only on the days I spent at the office .

It didn’t always last long, but every day at some point I was experiencing discomfort and pain especially in my Lower Back

The worst part is that when you do get lower back pain Its is so freaking hard to get rid of…I tried adjusting my posture ,But it still hurt… I tried getting up and walking around But a few minutes later, it still hurt. I tried rubbing it or massaging it or stretching out But the pain would not go away ..

I remember the first time I really noticed really bad discomfort in back .

It was stopping me getting any sleep, and keeping me up most of the night in excruciating pain .Naively I, thought the body would heal itself and the pain would go away with time But after a few weeks of trying to ignore it the pain was just too much for me to bear…

The next morning I went straight to the chiropractor to have my back clicked back into position, I thought I could get my back problem sorted and get on with my life .

Well It made me feel really great the next day, But It didn’t cure my back pain .

Look You probably Now what I’m talking about. I Paid around $100 to have my back Clicked into place Only to have it slip back a few days later.

After paying $1200 for 12 Separate treatments

only to find that my back would move itself into a position that would put me in more pain than I was in before. I realized I had to look for another solution.

Enough was enough .I made An Appointment With My Doctor To Discus Medication To Relieve My Pain

Now I would have Gone sooner But I Didn’t Like the Idea Of Taking Long Term Pain Medication.

Firstly I Knew It was Really Bad For My Body And Secondly It Would Only Cover Up The Pain But It Would Never Fix The REAL Issue.

Sure Enough My Doctor Prescribed Some heavy Prescription Only Pain Killers But Deep Down I Knew .I Needed A Long Term Solution on .One That Would Heal My Back.

Firstly I needed to really understand what was Causing My Back Pain In the First Place

Hear Is The Secret Truth That No One Seems To Be Saying, Not Your Doctor, Not Your Chiropractor and Not Your Physiotherapist.

No Matter How Many Treatments You Take. Conventional or Alternative. Your Just Covering Up The REAL Problem And It All Starts With Understanding What Causes Your Back pain In The Fist Place .

In 98% Of Cases Its Your Bad habits.

Did You Know In a Scientific Study showed That almost 98% Of people In Developed Country’s Will Have some form of Severe back pain.

It’s a 50 billion Dollar a year problem in United States alone

And The thing That really blew my mind was this .When they looked at People in the poorest Country’s of the world 
Only 10% Of them showed the same symptoms And If That Wasn’t Enough The people surveyed in these poorest country’s were those that did 12 hours or more back breaking work each and every day And Many did 7 day week.

I know this sounds crazy Right?

But when your really look into it The Reason Is pretty obvious. The Human Body Is Not Designed To Sit in Front Of A Computer For 8 Hours A Day And a even bigger problem is Almost everyone Sits Wrongly Think about How Much Time You actually Spend Sitting.

In the Morning You sit Down For Breakfast Then You Sit In Your Car Or On The Bus or Train. Once at Work most of us will spend most of the day sat down in a chair…

Then we leave work, Sit back in our cars ,train or buses When we get home we sit down to eat ..

And then for the majority of us the evening is spent, sat on the sofa watching TV or on the internet .So For most of us in western cultures.We spend the majority of our day Sitting Down And because most of us do it wrongly It puts a lot of pressure on the spine And this is the reason that most of us get back pain.

What To Expect Inside The Yoga For Bad Backs  

12 week  HD Video Trianing  Course 


  • 12 week Full Hd Video Yoga Lessons For Bad Backs
  • Over 90 Yoga Stretches To Help heal your Back
  • Warm Up And Warm down Daily Exercises
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  • Bonus HD  Gym Workout Videos
  • Team Work Back Stretching

Just Some Of The Benefits Of Taking The Course 

  • More Flexibility
  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Stronger Back Muscles
  • No More Chiropractors
  • No More Physiotherapy
  • No More Osteopaths
  • No More Pain MedicatioN


3 Free Bonus DVDs 

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  1. Stretching For Back Pain  
  2. Pilates For Back pain  
  3. Massage For Back & Neck Pain  


We Offer A 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee On All Our Lessons ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final


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Here is what You Will Receive Inside

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 14.49.45

  • 12 Week Hd Video Yoga Lessons For Bad Backs
  • One Lesson For Every Week  With New Exercises
  • Over 90 Yoga Stretches To Help heal your Back
  • Warm Up And Warm down Daily Exercises
  • Professional Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Professional Instruction  Voice  Over
  • Pilates Bonus DVD (Worth $37)
  • Stretching Bonus DVD (worth $37)
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